The Advantage

What Is The Advantage In Using Mailwise Vs. Other Email Clients?

MailWise groups emails in conversations and clears them for you, hiding all the headers, signatures, disclaimers and other clutter and lets you focus on the important content. Your inbox is condensedand clear, saving you time and reducing mistakes. You can think of that as turning the email to something that is as easy and clear as chat applications but with the flexibility and strength of email.


The Benefits

Who can benefit from using MailWise?

If you use email as a tool to communicate with friends/colleagues (and don’t use it mainly for viewing commercial emails, newsletters etc.), MailWise is just the email for you.


Relations to Email

Does MailWise change or delete anything from the original emails?

No, MailWise is a standard email application with a unique technology that cleans and arranges emails. You can always see the original emails you sent/received and can perform actions on individual mails (e.g. mark as read/unread, star etc.).



What are the unique features of MailWise?

1. Smart aggregation of emails to conversations. 2. Managing conversations. 3. Clearing your emails from clutter and formatting issues. MailWise supports multiple accounts and all popular email clients such as Yahoo! mail, AOL,, Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange etc.


Gmail Differences

What is the difference between MailWise and Gmail?

Gmail is a great app with many functions and like MailWise, it groups emails in conversations. However, MailWise puts at the center the readability of conversations so it would be easier to understand the conversation at a glance. And, of course, Gmail supports only Gmail, while you can use MailWise to connect to multiple accounts and get the same user experience. You can use Gmail in parallel to Yahoo! mail, AOL, or any other IMAP/Exchange account you might have.



Is MailWise secure?

MailWise is very secure. It is an email client that lives on the Android and connects directly to your server (without a mediator).



Exchange Security Bypass

Some IT administrators apply a security policy which requires locking the Android device screen with a PIN code, allowing them to wipe the device data and other such restrictions.


In MailWise, you can choose not to enforce this security policy (which means that you wont need to enter a PIN code etc.).


IMPORTANT terms for using the Exchange Security Bypass:Bypassing a security policy isnot recommended. MailWise provides this feature for the rare cases where this is a necessity originating from technical limitations. Normally, you should contact your IT administrator to resolve any such issues.


By entering the code you declare that you are doing so at your own discretion and that you have the authority to do so.


You assume full responsibility for bypassing the security. Please be aware that as MailWise develops, future versions are not guaranteed to allow the bypass in its current form.


In order to activate security bypass:


First, if you have exchange accounts already configured, please:


  1. Go to device settings
  2. Select “Security”
  3. Select “Device administrators”
  4. Revoke MailWise permissions by un-checking the check-box.  This might remove some of your Exchange accounts.
  5. Open MailWise
  6. Open MailWise menu (By taping the menu button3 dots)
  7. Select “Settings and Accounts”
  8. See if you still have Exchange accounts configured – if so continue to the next step
  9. Select an Exchange account from the list
  10. Scroll all the way down and select “Remove account”
  11. If there still Exchange in the list repeat until all are removed


Now you are ready to apply the security bypass:


  1. Click settings->add account to go to the account type selection screen (if you dont have any accounts configured, MailWise will open in this screen by default).
  2. Choose Exchange. This will take you to a screen with the title Add an Exchange account, where you will enter your user name and password.
  3. Click menu->Exchange Security Bypass. (This option won’t appear if you already have exchange accounts configured)
  4. Enter the code 27182
  5. You will now be able to configure exchange accounts, and will not need to grant unwanted permissions.


If you would like to block the security bypass on your organization, please contact us at