Thank you for taking an interest in MailWise Pro!

We worked a lot to make MailWise a great email app that delivers the best experience for consuming email on an Android device, and we will continue to improve it.

Many users have chosen MailWise to be their email client, we and are honored by their choice and very thankful to them.

We have created a Pro version because it helps us to support our app and continue to bring our users more features that make the email experience better.

MailWise Pro continues the great MailWise experience and takes it a step further…


What's included in MailWise Pro?

Select “VIP” contacts



 VIP contacts will appear highlighted in the email list.


Choose a unique notification sound for each contact


You can use this with one contact without payment, but for more than one – it’s a part of MailWise Pro.


Change the default signature


Change the signature for outgoing emails.


Set up automatic BCC


Get an automatic copy for every sent email.


Purchasing MailWise Pro

We priced MailWise Pro in a way that we believe will not keep anyone who wants it for purchasing it – 9.99$.

In order to purchase just open the left pane menu bar and click on “upgrade”:




Then you will be transfered to Play Store and continue the purchasing process there.


Whether you choose to stay with MailWise or upgrade to MailWise Pro – we hope you have a wonderful experience, and are looking forward to continue to make your email experience cleaner, and to hear your feedback.